Keynsham Town Ladies Football Club is committed to providing a caring, friendly and safe environment, both on and off the pitch, for all our members so they can participate in football in a relaxed and secure atmosphere.

All Players are strongly encouraged to arrive already changed into their training or match day kit, there may be times where some players don’t have match day shirts, the following guidelines help to protect all Players and Coaches.

Match day Guidelines are as follows:

1. Meet and Greet – Players arrive on site and proceed to the Changing rooms, Coaches (who may be male) will initially Meet and Greet the Players in, or immediately outside, the Changing rooms with initial thoughts about the game and to help the Players approach the game with the right mentality and attitude.

2. Coaches (including Physio) and Players should avoid being in the Changing Rooms on their own with Players u18. It is preferable that at least two adults (either Coaches or Players) are present at all times. Spectators (including Parents) and other club representatives are ‘Not permitted’ to be in the Changing room area at any time.

(Except in case of Emergency, where their child has fallen ill or is badly injured, in which case, the person should wait to be invited by the Coach into the Changing Room.)

3. Players will be given a time for the ‘warm-up’ to start, before all Coaches (including Physio) should step out of the Changing Room - u18 Players should be given the opportunity to change first, with Players 18+ joining the Coaches and Physio outside of the Changing rooms – once changed – the remaining 18+ Players can go back into the Changing room to finish getting prepared and changed (socks, boots etc.)

During this time u18 Players should leave the Changing room and start their initial warm-up.

Coaches will also take this time to set-up the main warm-up on the pitch – ready for the agreed ‘warm-up’ start time.

4. During match days and where Players require physio treatment during training sessions, u18 Players will have a chaperone to ensure that there are at least two adults (including the Club Physio) in the treatment area within the Changing room.

The physio will explain any required treatment to the Player and their chaperone, and will ask for their permission to carry out any relevant treatment. Treatment will only be completed, if a Player is happy for it to be undertaken. A Player or their chaperone can ask for treatment to stop at any time, and the treatment should be stopped immediately.

5. At half-time and full-time, all players and coaches will meet in the Changing room for the half-time team talk – or – post match team talk – All Coaches (including Physio) and u18 Players will then leave the Changing room, allowing older players to get changed and showered, if they so wish.

Coaches and u18 Players will not re-enter the Changing Room.

Coaches may only re-enter the changing rooms once all players have left to ensure that any kit or any mess is tidy for the next team to use.

6. Any issues or concerns should be highlighted to the Club Welfare Officer for investigation.



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